Virtual Roundtable: Building Blocks For An Antifragile Organization

October 27, 2022

November 15, 1:30-3:00 PM EST

An invite-only, virtual roundtable for public sector leaders.

Learn how antifragility can empower you to leverage your jurisdiction’s strengths and opportunities and actively shape the road ahead for your community.

The idea of antifragility builds on the notion that organizations—rather than merely reacting to and recovering from crises—can position themselves to grow stronger and smarter in the face of adversity. In essence, those organizations show resilience but also adaptive capacity and true progress. Building antifragility is key for local governments which have no choice but to continuously adapt and evolve as they must address crises, navigate impacts of societal and political trends, ensure continuity of vital services, and work with communities toward a better future. 

But local governments today also face daunting internal challenges such as staffing shortages and difficulties in effectively engaging residents. City and county agencies operate with systems and processes that are oftentimes outpaced by growing demands on service delivery and complex issues like homelessness, climate change or public health.

How can local government leaders cultivate and lead antifragile organizations? 

No small task when jurisdictions need to remain centered on their mission, while at the same time, transform how they recruit and manage staff, drive organizational learning and performance and effectively meet the needs of their constituents.

Join us for a roundtable discussion convening a curated group of local government executives to explore ways public sector managers can create and lead an antifragile organization. We will examine tools and strategies leaders can use to help their government or agency to gain clarity and focus on mission; become more integrated into the community; operate with fewer people and a better equipped staff; empower organizational learning and innovation; and manage finances sustainably. Review a list of speakers and draft agenda here.

Roundtable participants will include:

  • Berke Attila, Director, General Services, Baltimore, MD
  • Ian Cole, County Administrator, Livingston County, NY
  • Brian Cunningham, Director of Employee Engagement, Lucas County, OH
  • Charlie Francis, Senior Consultant, Questica, retired municipal CFO
  • Glen Lee, CFO, Washington D.C.
  • Maureen Maier, Chief of Staff, Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity, Philadelphia, PA
  • John J. Metro, Business Administrator, City of Jersey City
  • Heather McDougall, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Raleigh, NC
  • Merril Oliver, EVP, eCivis, former Director, Maryland Governor’s Grants Office
  • LaShon Ross, HR Director, Plano, TX
  • Mark Scott, Interim City Manager, Downey, CA 
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